Thursday, February 10, 2011

WYLD LIFE CAMP THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!! Everyone is SO excited, I feel like I have been talking about it nonstop all week!

This week has been awesome--both in and out of the classroom! This is the first time I have honestly been able to say that in a while. Thank you, Lord!!

Some REALLY funny things have happened this week:
-We have our first classroom “love” happening….definitely has been hilarious to both watch it and hear about it (the girls want to talk about it ALL the time!)
-I saw one of my students outside of school three times this week (we were both riding our bikes!) and he hid from me each time, and today I asked him if he was embarrassed to see me outside of school, and he goes “YESSS, Miss. Stanley, leave me alone!!!” and turned bright red….hahhaha so funny! He is seriously so shy, but is one of my faves!
-Yesterday I was helping one of my girls with her math, I was in the middle of helping her with a problem and she goes “Oh my GOSH, have you been trying to cook again? You really should give that up or get some help!!!” ha! because I have burn marks on my arm from the oven! (They always make fun of me for burning myself)

AWESOME things that have happened this week:

-My WHOLE class is going to camp!
-Christian, who doesn’t want to do ANYTHING but play video games, even yesterday asked me if I thought he should go, and I of course said yes (and was like “WHAT you want to go!?!?!” because every other time I asked him he said no way, he wanted to play video games) and he said “Well yes, Miss, there are other things in life that are more fun than video games!” That coming out of his mouth is honestly a miracle! I think this weekend will be amazing for him.
-One of the girls in my class couldn’t afford to go to camp even with the scholarship, so another girl’s mom is paying for her!!
-Last night instead of Bible study, we had a worship night with a few other Bible studies! Que wonderful!
-Today one of the girls from my class and campaigners group came over after school because she just wanted to hang out with me, Laura and Natale (2 other teachers/WL leaders)! It was so good to just hang out with her,--we made cookies and beaded some earrings! Her mom is never around, so she is always just wanting someone older to talk to her.

I forgot how crazy things get at school around valentines day! All of the kids are super excited, parents are here planning activities, gifts/treats to buy, and kids are all stressed out about their “valentines”. My goodness, I am glad I am not a middle schooler anymore! This did lead to a good discussion about love, though! I read the other day that the words “unfailing love” are in the Bible 33 times, and are only used when talking about God’s love! It is definitely hard for kids to grasp that, but at least good for them to think about! I found this really cool quote: “I feel full with God, He fills the void. I have not one wish, one will, one desire but in Him!”

Back to camp! Prayers would be AWESOME. Please pray for my girls that are going: Claudill, Kaylee, Pamela, Gill and Rosemary, and the boys: Josue, Melanio and Christian. (These are the kids from my class)They have never been to a camp before, they have never really done anything like this in their life! I am so excited for them--I am really praying that they love it, that they really see God in the people they encounter at camp, and that they are going with open hearts! My kids know a lot about God, but I don’t honestly think they really get the relationship factor, so hopefully this weekend they will see that!
Here are some pictures of my kids that are going:
Gill, Kaylee and Claudill

Christian and Melanio

Rosemary, Claudill, Kaylee, Josue and Pamela

They are just the kids from 6th grade, though!
Here is everyone else!
Boys: Josue, Melanio, Moises, Christian,Mohan, Bolivar, Luis, Diego, Steven, Lenny,Allan
Girls: Rosemary,Melly,Gill,Kaylee,Claudil,Hellen,Alejandra C.,Nicole,Leidy,Genesis H.
Eliana,Cristal,Arlenis,Sara L.,Pamela,Gissel,Lois,Jadey,Darielys,Cristin,Emily,Genesis

Prayers Please!!!!

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