Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 1 of exams is over. 4 days left of school--oh. my. gosh. At some points this year, I thought that this day would never come, and now I find myself wishing I could slow things down! My kids are being so wonderful, and I am realizing how much I am going to miss them. I was thinking after school today--why am I leaving again? Why don't I want to teach? Then I remember all of the rediculous things that happened this year, and yes there were some very frustrating times, but through it all, I LOVE my kids! So much! I never really thought I would feel like this, but here I am! I think I am beginning to understand the parent mentality of loving your kids no matter what. There were so many times this year where I could have strangled my kids, but now I realize I really love them even through those moments of craziness! Because of those moments, we had some awesome conversations, and they as well as me were able to learn some pretty important lessons. I am realizing how much I actually care about them, and how much of a difference they have made in my life. Man, Friday is going to be a sad day!

For part of their language exam, I had them write a paragraph about this year in 6th grade. I got some pretty good paragraphs (and some pretty rediculous ones!) but this one is my favorite:

This year in 6th grade was the best year ever. In 6th grade, I started going to chapel with the high schoolers and going to Wyld Life. I went to Wyld life camp and it was really awesome. Now I am almost a big girl. In 6th grade I had a boy****** (boyfriend!) Now I am learning more about God thanx to Miss. Stanley. In 6th grade, I can go to break with the big kids. I started having more friends. I started knowing how I can live my life next to God. My birthday was really cool because I got to get highlights. In 6th grade its like the middle of your whole life, like in the 5th grade I was a girl who had never gone to WyldLife, who had to go to chapel with the little kids, and had to eat with the immature people. Life is changing for me. I thank God for this whole year that I passed next to great friends, a great boyfriend and a great teacher. I thank God for everything! I love 6th grade!

Yes, THIS is why I love middle school kids:)

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