Saturday, July 31, 2010

Good to be back!

Back in Jarabacoa!! My flight got in last night at 3 AM. A couple who is on the board at our school picked me up, Marisol and Franklin, and they were so nice! They said they would be my parents while I am here:) I got up early this morning (big suprise there), got all unpacked, and then we went into town to do some grocery shopping/wander around, BUT forgot that it was siesta time. We went hiking to the waterfalls instead, so fun! Man i missed doing that! After we hiked, my roommate Melissa and I cleaned out our ENTIRE is so clean and organized now, so exciting. Thats it for today--it is only 5:45 and I am already ready for bed!

Devos this morning: pretty strong reminder that if you are going to call yourself a Christian and try to lead people toward God, you better be living your life ALL OUT for Him!! Prayers to be conscious about EVERY single thing I do and say/be able to love like Jesus did at ALL TIMES!!!

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