Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August 4

Wow--it has been a busy couple days!!
Sunday: Went to church at La Vid, and rode my bike for the first time! In the afternoon I had lunch with Doulos staff, then hung out with JCS (my school) teachers at night and we watched ECLIPSE! My roommate-Melissa--is really great! She is from Colorado, and loves to be out and about doing things, so I think we will get along great! The other new teachers are really fun so far as well!
Monday: Went to the Jimenoas (some really cool waterfalls) for the day! It was really fun--we found a bunch of cool places to hike/swim/climb!

needless to say, we had a ton of fun and were VERY tired at the end of the day! We also played a hilarious game called Quelf! It sure made us be comfortable around each other pretty quickly!
Tuesday: Shopped around town all day, showed the girls all the fun places to go! We made dinner at night and watched TAKEN because the girls said I had to see it...crazy movie but soo good!
Today! (Wednesday) We had our first day of staff orientation. We learned all about JCS and talked about random school stuff! We have orientation tomorrow and friday, and then i THINK orietnation next week? Here's the deal-I didnt know we started orientation today until last night, we still don't know when school starts (could be in 2 weeks, maybe that wednesday or one has decided yet)! This is how things go in the DR--they totally have an "Oh, we'll see" attitude!! haha love it! We were just laughing at is good to learn to just go with the flow!

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  1. that is so true Jessica. That's how it is at Anija a lot of times too. So glad you are back :)