Saturday, October 9, 2010

Running with the bulls....

So this morning, Julie-Anne and I were doing an extra long run because she is running a half marathon in the states next weekend, and had the funniest thing happen! We were running our usual route through the river by the woods, and got to a part where there is a Y in the road. We were heading down the way we usually go, and all of a sudden there is this old man with no teeth yelling "MUEVETE" (MOVE!!!) so we stopped and looked around, and here comes a BULL running toward us, with a big rope dragging behind it, with one man running after it screaming, and another chasing it on a motorcycle!! FUNNIEST THING EVER! So, we stopped and watched them attempt to round up the bull, they got it to turn around and run the other way down the road, so we just kept on running! It was hilarious! After that, we saw the usual pig being skinned, and a few horses running along...oh runs in the DR are never boring:)

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  1. Okay, I literally laughed out loud reading that. I'm SOOO glad you are my running partner! Can't wait for more adventure runs when I get back from the states :)