Monday, November 8, 2010

SO thankful for Sunday:)
I wrote about that awesome sermon I read, and had the most wonderful day afterwards! As I was finishing my blog, my roommate came to my room and said lunch was ready: homemade cornbread and chili! I was expecting to help her cook, too, but she had it all done!! Such a good surprise! After that we had our weekly Wyld Life meeting which was fun as usual, and then I went to a friend's house to watch football for the night! I am beginning to love watching football here....such a reminder of America! haha, who would've thought! Anyways, 2 of the girls that watched with us are pregnant and brought all kinds of books to read/share with each other while they sort of watched, so the other girls and I spent time reading through the "pregnancy questions answered" book and another called "What they don't tell you...." They were HILARIOUS! Not to mention a little scary:) haha! Such a fun night, definitely the relaxing/comfort night I needed.

Also, I wanted to share this story that one of my students wrote in his writing journal:
"My teacher is nice she laughs a lot she is super nice she lets us play and she is blond she likes fun and she goes to campaigners and wyld life that is super cool isn't it cool. She does laundry when it rains (HA HA because I always complain about my laundry being ruined when we are in class!!) she plays and give soccer classes, she likes talking and she lets us see videos online. She wears beautiful earings and they are picturesque (that was one of our spelling words!! haha) they are the prettiest earings I have ever seen she lives close to school with Miss B and Miss Brewer, they are cool too. Our class is small but colorful and she likes purple and pink she has the best smile I have ever seen she wears khaki pants and a blue JCS polo and she looks good in them except when she has chalk on them. My wonderful teacher's name is Miss. Stanley."
HA HA! What a good way to start my day:)

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  1. That is such a great journal entry! and Jessica- you are beautiful and super nice and have the prettiest earrings ever and are wonderful! Hope you feel better soon so we can do more adventure and have more things to write about on our blogs :)