Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Feb 16

Soooo i figured I should start this now before I get too far behind!

Being back in the DR is awesome!! I got here and stayed with a couple that teaches at the school, but yesterday I went to my host mom's (Maria) house to meet her, and she was so nice! When I walked in she gave me a great big hug and said "Ayy mi otra hija!!!" (my other daughter) I love her!!! She is like 75 and SO CUTE! Currently her daughter and 2 grandaughters (who are 5 and 10) are living with us as well, and I have 2 American roommates, Maddie and Kimberly! So we have a full house, but it is fun! Yesterday after school I went running down to the river with Maddie (my roommate) and another teacher, Amanda..which was really fun and pretty, but FYI running in 85 degree weather is not the best idea!! SO I don't really want to make that a habit...but it was still really fun! We went back to Maria's for dinner and she made us tostones (fried plantanes) which I LOVE and something made with spaghetti noodles...haha the girls said she made a special meal since it was my first night, so i am anxious to see how other days are!!

Being able to start full time at school today was good...I was getting antsy just hanging out! My cooperating teacher, Ciara, is really great! We have a CRAZY class...9 out of 19 are being referred for special ed, which is crazy, but good for me I guess!! They will be really fun though. All of the 5th grade girls made me eat lunch with them....and then the boys wanted me to play soccer with them at recess!! haha--not the prettiest picture, but it was fun!

I think that is all I have for today, I have some major lesson planning to do!!!
I will get pictures up soon!

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