Friday, February 19, 2010

Feb 19

Wow, week 1 and I am already really bad at updating my blog!! I'll try to do a quick overview of the week...
Living with Maria is so much fun! My house is 2 miles from school (so much for a quick walk) but it is a nice walk home from school, and usually one of the teachers picks us up halfway on our way to school. Maria's grandaughters, Deni and Mariella always want to play, yesterday I danced with them to Spanish music for like an hour after school! haha! There are ALWAYS random people/extended family over which is fun! Maria is so sweet, she is always making sure things are okay and really takes care of us--she wont even let us put our own dishes in the sink after dinner! My roommates are really fun too! Weird thing-I almost stepped on a mouse in the hallway walking to my room yesterday!!!
School is really fun, I took some good pictures of the kids so I will upload those soon! I have seriously the WORST behaved class in the school. Yesterday there was a parent meeting just for our class during lunch that the kids, parents, school psych and principal all came to to discuss how to make things better in our class! It was interesting, but I think it will help! Even though they misbehave sometimes, the kids are seriously all so sweet and I love them! I have played with them a lot at recess (they think i am good at volleyball.....haha not really but its fun!) and they are all really great! Funny thing--on Tuesday a random dog ran into our classroom and one of the boys had to take it back outside! Our classroom is on the 2nd floor!! haha!
What else...I got invited to join a Wednesday night Bible study with some of the teachers from Doulos, Young Life, and Kids Alive ministries, and it was wonderful! It was such an awesome time of fellowship with girls who are all passionate about the same thing, and it was so encouraging! I am also going to start doing a Monday night Bible study with some of the girls that did Vida Joven this past summer, and Tati (who I worked in the kitchen with) is holding it at her house so I am suprising her on Monday!! Last night I rode my first moto conch (moto taxi) and it was really fun! Other than that........I don't know what else to say now except I am having a WONDERFUL time and am already wanting to stay!! SO prayers for guidance would be wonderful!! To teach here you have to fundraise your salary, and that is really scary for me....but we will see where God is leading!!! Thanks for reading:)

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