Friday, September 10, 2010

What a wonderful week with my students! I felt like this week was the first week that I actually felt like I could be a teacher and do it successfully....without freaking out half the time! It was such a good feeling! One of my friends encouraged me to keep this song in mind throughout the week: "To keep your lovely face ever before my eyes, this is my prayer, make it my strong desire, that in my secret heart, no other love competes. No rival throne survives and I serve only you...." and to focus on teaching, but first and foremost to focus on bringing the love of Jesus into my classroom, and i KNOW that is why this week went so well!

I also am finally feeling like this is real life, that I am here and this is my home instead of the feeling that I will be leaving soon. Things have finally all started, and my schedule is going to be CRAZY but good! Mondays I am going to be having Spanish lessons from 3-6, Tuesdays we will have WYLD LIFE!!! (our parent meeting went so well, and we had some parents that are really willing to help which is sweet!) Wednesdays I have Bible study which usually lasts a couple hours, and Thursday----soccer (I have been voted the 4th-6th grade soccer coach!! ahhhh! haha...but i guess at that age they just need to learn to kick, score, run, ect? at least i hope so. BUT if you have any good soccer tips, let me know!!) and then we will have games on Fridays!

Some interesting things that happened this week......
I was riding my bike on Monday and my chain broke in half, some Dominican man ran up behind me and grabbed it and told me where to get it fixed, which was awesome. After this guy at the car place tried 4 times to fix it, we finally got it!
Wednesday I was in the middle of teaching and all of a sudden one of my students was like Miss Stanley, there is a HUGE spider on the wall and I look over and seriously thought I was going to throw up I was so scared (i HATE HATE HATE spiders) but I had to be the brave one, right? so first instinct: I karate-kick-smashed the spider (thank you jillian michaels)....afterwards I was like omg what did I just do...but apparantly it was hilarious and got me major "cool points" with my students!! haha! and now the whole school knows....
Thursday I was working in the comedor (the outside area where kids eat/play) and was like what is that noise, and I looked over and saw a mama chicken and like 10 baby chicks just wandering around like no big deal!! haha!

GREAT week--what a change things are when you make a conscious effort to live out 1 COR 13!!! Amd constantly praying for strength....haha! BUT God is awesome and can make anything successful when you let Him take charge, so cool!

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  1. Glad you had a good week :) Don't forget the herd of cows we saw in the middle of the street when running back up the Avenida Wednesday morning (you saw that right, I think it was right before your turn to your neighborhood?)