Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wyld Life 10/29

Beach theme club!!! (Hence why I am wearing a 1 piece bathing suit with a tank top underneath....) Awesome night, we had 54 kids show up---AND we have been doing a competition to see what grade can bring the most kids, and my 6th graders from JCS and Doulos won!! WOHOO!!!! :)

I think I mentioned before that I was worried about how being a Wyld Life leader would work with having those same kids in my class, but so far it has been so great! My students think that it is really cool to have their teacher be at Wyld Life (weird, huh?!) and the day after club, they are always talking to me about how funny i was in the skit or how crazy I am..haha big surprise there...but it actually seems to help them respect me more for some reason? Not sure why, praise God, He is good! We are starting campaigners (small groups) next week, so prayers as we begin to prepare for those!!

Funny thing...MAIL DAY was yesterday!! My roommates came home to me sitting at the kitchen table, happy as can be, reading a Holland Sentinal and eating peanut butter mnms:) Thanks mom, dad and lauren!!!! And btw I had peach rings for breakfast today:) LOVE a little taste of the US!

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  1. I take it you didn't leave me any peach rings or peanut butter m&m's...anyways, I'm so glad Wyldlife is going well!!