Sunday, March 27, 2011

So, I had quite an interesting week! Tuesday morning, the city water was out, so my landlord switched our water to the well, AFTER he put in a bunch of bleach/chemicals to “clean” the water. As Tuesday went on, the area around my eyes got really red and itchy so I took a benedril and didn’t really think anything of it. But OH was I surprised Wednesday morning when I woke up…..I woke up and could tell that my eyes were really swollen because I could hardly open them, so I went and looked in the mirror and FREAKED when I saw myself because my face was so swollen and red you could hardly see my eyes (if you have seen the movie “Hitch”, I definitely looked like Will Smith when he had his allergy, except mine was just all around my eyes). SO REDICULOUS! I had NO idea what to do, so I got ready for school, put on some sunglasses, and went to talk to my boss! She took one look at my face, and was like “whoa, we should call the doctor!” haha! We called the doctor and he came to school to check me out and called the pharmacy to bring some meds, sent me home to bed, and said to call in the afternoon if nothing had changed. Well, by afternoon a little swelling had gone done but not much, and my skin felt like it was burning off, so he said to go to the clinic and get a shot. This is when it gets funny….my wonderful friends took me to the clinic, and when we walked in, we had to WAKE UP the woman at the front desk (it was only 7:30) and her first reaction was: “wow, mira, la cara de ella!” (look at her face!!) and started LAUGHING AT ME!!!!!!!!!! Totally not okay. (even though I did look terrible!) Then she went to go get the nurse, they took me to a room, and said they were going to give me an IV shot. So, the nurse gives me the IV, and after a couple minutes, the tube pops out of the needle part and starts shooting all over, and the nurse was like “ayy!” and quick handed ME the part that was connected to my arm to hold while she wiped it up, and then told me we would need to start over. HA. Meanwhile, the tube I am holding starts filling up with my blood and my roommates and I were laughing SO HARD and trying to take pictures of what was going on without the nurse noticing. Seriously? It was so ridiculous. After all this, she told my roommates that the medicine she gave me would put me to sleep in like 10 minutes, and we were all like OH CRAP we drove a motorcycle here, so I had to sit in the middle on the way home while Melisa held onto me in case I fell asleep on the ride home! HA HA! SO funny. I made it home awake (thank the Lord!) and went to bed, and the morning my swelling was down enough and the pain was mostly gone, so I went to school, and thankfully my kids were all very nice about it!! It was definitely one of my most interesting experiences here!!

Saturday morning, Julie-Anne and I went on a run, and while we were on our way back, there was a BULL in the middle of the trail! Again! Ah so scary--we were so nervous we were going to have a reenactment of the last time was saw a bull (it was running past us and we had to hop the fence). We just walked VERY slowly and quietly past it, and thankfully made it by alive!!

Saturday afternoon, Julie-Anne and I went to go visit some of the kids from her school! It was so cute. We went to visit some of her Haitian kids, and they live in this big building with a bunch of rooms in it, and basically one family lives in each room. Their “house” was a 10 by 10 room with 1 bed, and a plywood bench next to it where the 4 kids slept, then there was a sheet separating that area from the “kitchen” which was just a stove and a pile of pots and pans. It seemed that they had some sort of community bathroom situation, but I wasn’t sure. Definitely crazy. We sat on the floor between the bed and the kitchen and colored with them, they were so excited!

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