Sunday, March 6, 2011

What an AWESOME week!! I definitely saw/felt God working in some pretty cool ways this week!

Since the beginning of the year, I have really been frustrated with how my Bible classes have been going. I always feel like I am talking and talking and the kids don't really care, but this week it was the exact opposite! The kids were talking like crazy and asking tons of questions. We even had to extend Bible class a couple of times into math time! I was so awesome.

I think I have written before about how my students are some of the meanest kids in our school (to each other at least). They are always calling each other names, and saying and doing really hateful things to each other (remember the super glue incident!) BUT Friday afternoon, I had my kids make up a song or a poem having to do with the Civil War (for war, or for peace) and one of the boys, Josue, wrote a song. Before he began, he told everyone that he was only going to sing his song if everyone promised not to laugh, and they all agreed (but I wasn't so sure I believed them). So, he sang his song, and afterwards everyone in the class clapped, cheered and told him what a good job he did and how brave he was! It was so crazy, HE was shocked, I was shocked, SO crazy. THEN he went and sat down at his seat, and all of a sudden started crying, and one of the girls asked him why he was crying and he said "I was sure you were all going to laugh at me, I can't believe you didn't, and I am crying because I am just SO HAPPY!" Oh. My. Gosh. Such a cool reminder to everyone in our class how much the way they treat people affects them!!

Friday night, the 6th grade girls came over for a girls night! They came over right after school, and we walked into town (which they thought was super cool, they even made all of us wear sunglasses so we would look extra cool), got ice cream, and went to the store to buy fake nails! After that we walked home and spent the next 3 hours putting on fake nails (who knew how complicated that could be!), eating, talking about life (mostly boys!) and singing along to Taylor Swift! It was such a fun night, and was so good for me to have some real time with my girls!

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