Monday, August 9, 2010

I finally feel like I am getting into a real-life routine here in Jarabacoa! We had a fun-filled weekend! Friday night we were supposed to have everyone over for dinner and OF COURSE the power went out!! (it does a few times a day here usually....) and stayed out for a while so we played apples to apples on the porch, then it started to rain, so we had to move inside and play in the darkness! Still fun though!
Saturday, JulieAnne and I went on an "adventure run" following a new trail that went on the other side of town along the river--SUCH a pretty run! So amazing to see things "off the beaten path" that I would have not seen otherwise. It is really wonderful to get out of town to see and appreciate God's creation here! It is so easy to get busy and forget that I live in a beautiful place! I will have to bring my camera along next time. Saturday afternoon we went to a party at Guido's (our landlord) house that was an 85th birthday party for his mom! They had a huge party--he has 19 brothers and sisters! I was talking to one of his sisters, and she asked me how old i was, and as soon as i told her 22 she was like OHHHHH my son is 22!!! and seriously not 10 minutes later her son showed up and she brought him over to me....haha SO funny! Also pretty awkward. It was a fun party though, everyone was talking about how Guido is like our dad here and takes care of us, so that is reassuring:)
After the party we went to the colamdo (a little store by our house) and got hot dogs. They came on a stick....and in PLASTIC BAGS! haha too funny!!! Afterwards we went to a concert at Amor a Quisquea (a church right by our house) and had an awesome night full of worship en espanol! It was wonderful.
Sunday I took the girls to my church (La Vid) and walked there from our house....probabily almost 2 miles...and were SO incredibly hot and sweaty by the time we got there, but it was a wonderful service, and they still said they want to go back! Maybe we'll get a ride next time:) The pastor asked a really funny but major thought provoking question: "How would you describe the most delicious meal you ever tasted to someone?" (and then he proceeded to describe the best steak he ever had) afterwards said that is exactly how we should be describing/sharing God with others! Like the most satisfying thing we have ever had!

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  1. Yay for adventure runs! Where to go next... and yes we do need to bring a camera :)