Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Today we had training in the morning...such a long morning of reviewing the teacher manual! After training I worked on organizing my classroom for a little bit--STILL so weird that I am going to be in charge of my own class soon! I had a pretty interesting day after that...the power went out this morning at 10, and then after I had started working on my classroom for a while I realized that a huge storm was rolling in so I had to quick get home before I got stuck in the rain, BUT then there was nothing for me to do at home because there was no power! So it turned into a blessing because I got to read my book ("Radical" by David Platt) while sitting in the hammock on our front porch!

It was such a blessed time of just sitting there listening to the rain and reading, and I learned some really cool things--and those things totally went along with everything God has been teaching me today! This morning in my devos Oswald Chambers said "Praising God is the ultimate end and aim of all we go through." Then, Pastor Luis was talking with us and said "Fulfill the purpose God has created you to fulfill. Christ is real, take advantage to live for Him while you have life!" Then in my book, David Platt said "Do you live each day as though it is not absolutely urgent to tell others about Christ? We are God's plan, no one will hear about Him if we don't do our job and tell them! Do you process the gospel and then refuse to give your life making it known? The will of God is for you and me to give our lives urgently and recklessly to make the gospel and the glory of God known to all."

So cool--so straight up--there is no mistaking what God has called His followers to do! God is awesome!

Side note--while i write this, my landlord is out front shooting birds in our tree. HA HA! Typical craziness of the DR.

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