Sunday, August 22, 2010

My last weekend before real life begins is officially over! Tomorrow I will be at school at 7AM getting ready for my first class....oh my gosh.
We had a very eventful weekend! Friday the power went out at 10AM and was out until we went to bed...(I am not sure if i wentioned that the power goes out about every other day for hours on end, and that is very typical here because so many people are stealing power that the system shuts down a lot) SO, we played games by lantern-light, which was really fun! We had a bunch of Dominicans over, so we played en espanol, which ended up being super fun! The best part of the night was when my roommate said "ahhh, estoy caliente" (trying to say she was really hot) but here in the DR that means she is very horny--SO HILARIOUS! definitely made the night!
Saturday we hiked to the river and spent the day swimming, and I tried to swing on some vines, got about halfway and it totally broke off...quite funny! When we got home from the river, we decided that we wanted to go swing on the swings at school, so we climbed the 15 ft fence into school! Then we had a GLEE marathon saturday night! SUPER FUN! Did I mention I had ice cream and popcorn for dinner?

It was a great replenishing weekend that felt like I was almost back home! Just what I needed:) God is good!
Prayers for a great day tomorrow!!

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